How To Find Reliable Medical Information

Whenever you feel like you have medical problems then you will usually consult a doctor or call and make an appointment at the hospital or local clinic. Sometimes when you do not have enough time you will need to check on information and facts, which the internet will be able to provide. Facts and information are very important. If your information is not accurate, you may loose the number of visitors you will have on your website which is not the ideal thing you need to happen as soon as you launch a website. Here are a few things that users look at when looking for reliable medical and doctor website Melbourne.

Web address

You should always use information provided from websites that are being powered and supported by organisations, foundations, institutions and governments which usually ends with .gov, .org or .edu.


Dates are very important because it shows whether the website is updated or not. Avoid reading websites that do not have dates or have been updated about more than a year ago. Medical information needs to be updated often because there are new updates and discoveries happening every single day.


All information that is present on the website should be referenced and have citations and names of the authors of the publications. This will ensure that you have reliable information as well.

First person articles

Websites that have articles written on first person basis might not be as reliable as these articles will not have any statistics, references and citations. Avoid these types of websites because certain information might not be included as well.


If you see keys words such as ‘secret ingredient’ then you should be a suspicious because no medical website will speak about anything secretive but will always be open about all facts and future.


Websites that do ask for private information area bit sketchy. These websites should not be asking for information, even if they do they should not be sharing your information with other websites or organisations. There are many websites such as that you will find the relevant information. Anyone can create a healthcare website design with all the information and say that they have the information but it might be out dated or incorrect. Certain websites have a chat option where you can speak to someone who will be able to answer questions that cannot be answered or where you do not find the answers on the website. Always be aware when you are searching for medical information because accurate information is what will help you with your search for facts and information.